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terms and conditions

terms and conditions


Delivery term:

The standard delivery period is 4-6 weeks from the confirmation of an order/signing of an agreement and payment of a deposit. The exact date will be confirmed after the confirmation of the order.

Payment conditions:

After ordering, a deposit in amount of 70% is payable within 7 days from ordering, the remainder is payable before delivery. The payment conditions can only be changed through a written agreement. In the case of a delay with the payment of the deposit the delivery term shall be delayed accordingly. In the event of the delay with the payment of the remainder, contractual penalty in amount of 0.1% from the contractual price shall be charged for every day of the delay.

Transport, installation, waste disposal, and protection of a work after its completion is NOT included in the price.

Coordination activities are not included in the price.

Warranty period: 24 moths from the handover when warranty conditions and manuals are complied with.

Every claim has to be applied in writing and shall include a specification of code/description of a product, description of defect, invoice number.

The warranty period does not apply to light sources, batteries, electronic equipment of the light fittings.

The discounts specified in this quotation are valid as a whole. If interested only in selected items, the discounts will be updated.

The quotation is based on submitted demand and submitted background documents. The contractor shall not be held liable for information and facts that were not provided to it before implementation.

The order party / purchaser is obliged to ensure construction readiness for the implementation of the work/supply. In case that the construction readiness is not ensured, the supplier is entitled to suspend its performance until the construction readiness is properly ensured.

The cost of construction site equipment, if any, shall be added to the price in this quotation.

Goods to order and goods with the deposit paid cannot be returned.

Quotation validity: 60 days.


Light fittings, furniture, other interior products

The warranty lasts and the customer may exercise claims based on the warranty only provided that the warranty manuals for the particular products and the following warranty terms are systematically observed:

  1. When using the supplied products, the user shall follow the instructions and comply with the effective technical standards as well as the recommendations stated in warranty manuals, instructions for use and other provided documentation.
  2. All service inspections shall be carried out in a due, timely and professional manner solely by authorised technicians of the supplier in accordance with the prescribed scope and intervals.
  3. The customer shall ensure that any defects revealed during regular service inspections are rectified as soon as possible.
  4. Only parts recommended by the supplier shall be used in repairs.
  5. The customer shall notify the supplier without undue delay of any defect and damage incurred during the warranty period.

The warranty does not apply to and the supplier shall not be held liable for any defects and damage:

  1. Caused by inappropriate handling, unskilled or insufficient maintenance
  2. Caused by unapproved modifications of the product (structure, connection, etc.)
  3. Caused by external mechanical or chemical effects and damage (including e.g. damage of the surface layer by scratches, incisions or corrosive substances, damage of the varnish layer caused by inappropriate maintenance and treatment including the use of aggressive or unsuitable cleaning agents, polishes, etc.)
  4. Caused by violent overcoming any lockable parts or arisen in connection with such activity
  5. Caused by accident or natural disaster (fire, flooding, etc.)
  6. Caused by the use in conditions that do not comply with the conditions set out by the supplier (e.g. overloading of shelves or pull-out trays, installation of the product in an inappropriate environment – even for a short time, etc.)
  7. Arisen due to non-observance of instructions stated in warranty manuals, instructions for use, warranty certificates and other provided documents
  8. Surface changes (colour, shade, structure) caused by sunlight
  9. Defects caused by corrosion due to inappropriate location of the products (e.g. outside, in a damp or aggressive environment)
  10. Defects or damage due to which the price was reduced at the moment of the product purchase or due to which the product was offered for a reduced price
  11. Minor differences in colour shades between light sources produced by various manufacturers (where the same type of a light source or its adequate substitute is concerned) or due to a different age of individual light sources
  12. Defects resulting from technical characteristics of the used natural materials:
  13. Changes of the surface graining of a wooden structure or its characteristic properties, colour changes or grooves developed naturally due to the material ageing;
  14. Differences in colour shades between individual furniture components, insignificant symmetry shifts between annual rings, and natural inclusions, such as stains, points and healthy knots that are due to the natural character of the material;
  15. Textile colours negligibly differ from the colours of sample cuts and samples. Such minor differences may result from the use of materials of different batches;
  16. Incisions, scratches, blisters and other defects of glass tops that cannot be seen from the distance of 1 m when viewed at 60 degree angle. The glass shall be assessed in diffused daylight (intensity of approximately 5000 lux) against a uniform background and with a naked eye;
  17. Irregularities and natural characteristics of leather:
  18. Specific smell of leather, which may be intensive if a large number of leather products is located in a small and confined space;
  19. The leather appearance has changed (the colour has changed or some stains appeared, the material has changed the colour) due to a contact with other materials with a poorly fixed dye. Pigment migration into the inner structure of the leather is natural for this material and may lead to irreversible effects, such as stains and colour changes.

Defects shall be claimed in writing and a complaint shall include exact specification of the product, description of the defect and the invoice number and shall be sent to the Customer Department of EXX: reklamace@exx.cz or telephone 235 097 611.

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